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Board of Directors

The Board is the foundation’s topmost authority, making sure the enterprise is run in accordance with the statutes. The Board election committee is appointed by the Council. The Council consists of representatives from the county municipality, regional councils, relevant municipalities, founding boards, and artists’ associations.

Read the board instructions here (norwegian).
Read the election committee mandate here (Norwegian).

Board members

Chairperson Ivar Kvalen
Personal Deputy Chairperson Frode Bøthun

Vice-Chairperson Hanne B. Oftedal
Personal deputy Vice-Chairperson Anders Ryssdal

Board member Kristin Maurstad
Personal Deputy Board Member Hilde Kvamsås Aa

Board member Gunhild Alis Berge Stang
Personal Deputy Board Member Hege Lothe

Board member Arild Bergstrøm
Personal Deputy Board Member Eli Grete Høyvik

Board member Jan-Arve Lund
Personal Deputy Board Member Martine Due Sivertsen

Board member Hilde Katrine Wiik
Personal Deputy Board Member Knut Arve Helle

Meeting schedule

Friday 18 February 2022
Tuesday 29 April 2022
Tuesday and Wednesday 14-15 June 2022
Tuesday 4 October 2022
Friday 9 December 2022

Meeting protocols

The protocols are published in Norwegian on the Norwegian web site here.

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