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Guri Guri Henriksen – Det som blei igjen

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About the exhibition

The paper cut outs in What Was Left are based on anatomical prints and charts. The works are shaped with a knowledge of visual structures of the body, but without the renditions of systems. The rational body from medical plans is broken up in forms and layers.

Guri Guri Henriksen draws with a knife. The installation is based on muscles, veins, lymph, and the body’s hidden shapes. Abstract figures and patterns arise in this process. Every paper flake has a structural logic and is part of a rhythm with lengths that are repeated in the room.

Guri Guri Henriksen (1969, Oslo) is a graduate of the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris. In 2014/15, she collaborated with theater director and playwright Anne-Mali Sæther from Animalske Produksjoner and actress Henriette Blakstad (Theater of Cruelty). Since then, Henriksen has also created scenography for shadow play productions. Simultaneously, she has developed her own works of art/paper cuts. Her work has been shown at international short film festivals, at the Tegnebiennalen, Austlandsutstillinga, Vestlandsutstillinga and Tegnerforbundet. In 2005/06, Henriksen participated in a group exhibition that toured Norway with Riksutstillingen, including to Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum. In the autumn of 2020, she had a separate exhibition with paper cuts at the Nesodden Kunstforening.

Top photo: Guri Guri Henriksen, "Det som ble igjen", 2019–2022 © Guri Guri Henriksen/BONO. Photo: G.G. Henriksen.

The exhibition is a part of the art centre functions, by Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum.

Video by RAKKAR.

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