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HEKT – Textile art from the collection

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Stad Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum

About the exhibition

Sogn and Fjordane Art Museum’s new exhibition displays textile art from the collection. Why do we have works of art in the collection that have not been shown for 30 years, and are now standing out as our most important treasures?

We do not know for sure why Sogn and Fjordane Art Museum has one of the strongest collections of textile art in Norway. A lot has been collected from local textile artists. Many artworks stem from the teachers at the Vocational School in Jølster, but also from students, who have since become artists in their own right. Other parts
of the collection are from the rest of Norway. Someone has decided that it is with us the textile artworks belong. Perhaps because of the strong textile traditions in the area?

In HOOKED, we have unhooked all other art, and only kept the textile works. This new exhibition is an opportunity to see the artwork “Greetings to the silk spinnes in Bangladesh – Swan song” by Elisabeth Haarr – recently returned from borrowing at the Festival Exhibition in Bergen – and “Bedekningstekstilen” made by Elsebet Rahlff for Miljøkunst`89 in Førde in 1989. In the exhibition we emphasize the local textile art stories and we show  important works from the collection of local artists such as Astrid Myklebust, Astrid Wittersø, Audgunn Naustdal Holsen, Britt Smelvær and Marius Moldvær.

This is a first attempt of redeeming an ignored part of our own collection, and we hope there will be more to come.

Curator: Eirin Mailund Svendsen
Curator education: Kathrine H.S. Skarsholt

With art from the collection by: Astrid Myklebust, Elsa Eikaas, Elisabeth Haarr, Tove Pedersen, Astrid Wittersø, Britt Smelvær, Agnes Guttormsgaard, Sissel Calmeyer, Ingunn Bakke, Kjellaug Haugen Holter, Sarah Vajira Lindström, Janne Nes, Hanna Roloff, Kjartan Slettemark, Elsebet Rahlff, Kari Dyrdal, Unn Sønju, Audgunn Naustdal Holsen, Karina Siegmund, Brit Fuglevaag, Marius Moldvær, Wenche Kvalstad Eckhoff, Sidsel Moe, Søren Krag, Anne Aanerud

Top photo from Elsebet Rahlff's archive. Miljøkunst '89, 1989. Elsebet Rahlff, "Bedekningstekstil", 1989, SFKM-002167 © Elsebet Rahlff/BONO.