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Engel Astrup, stofftrykk. Foto: Thomas Bickhardt/Bickfoto, 2021.

Our first director: Engel Astrup

25. May - 11. September

In 2022

Work in progress

Tha garden and some of the buildings in Astruptunet are being restored. Because of this, not all houses will be awailable at all times, and some work may occur during your visit. Feel tree to contact us it you have any questions.

About the exhibition

Engel and Nikolai spent a lot of time building a home. First at Myklebust, then at an old and run-down homestead at Sandalstrand. Here they developed what would eventually be a farm, an extensive garden and an artists’ home. When Nikolai died in 1928, Engel took responsibility for preserving the art and developing the artists’ home. Some of Nikolai’s woodblocks are on display, along with stories of how they were used after his death.

Before long, people started flocking to the homestead, and in the 1960s Engel had over 3000 visitors. In 1965, Engel sold the property to the Jølster municipality. The conditions of the sale were clear: They had to build a fire resistant building to house the artwork, and work towards bringing Nikolai Astrup’s art back to Astruptunet. The homestead was to remain under public ownership, and operated in the spirit established by the artist couple.

With this exhibition, Astruptunet seeks to convey and renew the story of the homestead’s first director, Engel Astrup, and showcase her production of drawings, textile prints and woodblocks.

Curator: Solveig Berg Lofnes
Co-curator: Tor Martin Leknes
Exhibition technicians: Solveig Berg Lofnes og Berhanu Mekonen
Visual design: Kathrine H.S. Skarsholt

Includes artwork by:

Engel Astrup, Nikolai Astrup, Bodil Fleischer, Peter Wilhelm Johannsen, Eugen Pettersen, Johann Sunde, Kristian Tysken.

Illustrasjon: Engel Astrup, stofftrykk. Foto: Thomas Bickhardt/Bickfoto, 2021.