Sogn og Fjordane Coastal Heritage Museum
Interiøret i Bataldebua med fiskeutstyr, tau og ein fiskar som sitter og bøter garn.

Guided tour of Bataldebua Salting House

Stad Kystmuseet, Bataldebua

On Prestholmen you will find and old salting house with grey timber walls and an orange roof. Originally, the building stood at Batalden, and was used in the 1800s by fishermen and traders who moved to the Kinn area because of the rich herring fisheries. Herring was offloaded here and packed in barrels with salt. In the late 1920s, the house was moved to Sunnfjord Museum, which was then located in Førde. When the museum was relocated to Movika, the house was left behind. It was then dismantled and stored in Florø until the Coastal Heritage Museum was founded. The museum rebuilt the house on their grounds in Florø in 1992. 

Today, the building contains an exhibition on the Kinn herring fisheries, and one about herring and ocean research. Every year during spring, the house is filled by sixth-graders from Kinn, who come here to learn about herring fishing and try their hand at traditional herring splitting. The fish are then hung to dry in the attic, and the building is once again filled with the smell of herring.

The exhibition is open by request: telephone +47 98 26 98 54 or email:

Photo: View of Bataldebua and Brendøya. Photo: Thomas Bickhardt/Bickfoto, 2021.