The Eikaas Gallery

About the museum Eikaasgalleriet


In the early 1990s, Ludvig Eikaas donated a few hundred artworks to the Jølster municipality. To house the new collection, the old dairy at Ålhus was converted to a modern art gallery, following designs by architect Arild Waage. The Eikaas Gallery opened to the public in 1994.

In 2004, the Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum Foundation was established. It was responsible for running the Anders Svor Museum (ASM), the Astrup Artists’ Homestead (AT), the Eikaas Gallery (EG), the Gjesme Gallery (GJS), and SFKM, as well as maintaining the artist centre activities.

In 2009, the Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum Foundation became part of the Museums in Sogn og Fjordane Foundation (MISF). As a result, the Eikaas Gallery is now a venue within the MISF Art Department.

The Eikaas Gallery opened in 1994. Architect Arild Waage redesigned the old dairy as an art gallery. (Photo: Espen Mills, CC-BY-2.0)