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Publisert 20/06/2022
Av Henning A. Hellebust

We have a new website

With this new website, we hope more people will be able to discover us and be inspired to seek experiences and community at our museums.

We have a new website

With this new website, we hope more people will be able to discover us and be inspired to seek experiences and community at our twelve museums. Experiences take centre stage. 

The most important thing for us while designing the site has been that visitors, with all their different needs and preferences, should have easy access to relevant sights and information.

Among the first things you’ll see on the website will therefore now be an overview of the experiences we have to offer. You can choose exhibitions, activities or events. In addition, we have emphasised highlighting all the practical information needed to plan a visit to us in Sogn og Fjordane – just click on “plan your visit” at each individual museum!

Digital booking

In connection with the launch of our new site, we are for the first time offering digital tickets. Many visitors value predictability, and by booking tickets in advance, this can provide extra security, especially if arriving from afar. Now you can also purchase our Museum Pass online. The Museum Pass allows access to all museums at a heavily discounted price.

Via the new website, you will find that we are also well established at Museumslosen, a database for educators that offers an overview of activities for schools and kindergartens. This allows you to search for content by grade level, theme, subject and much more – not only at our museums, but all across Vestlandet.

Further expanding content

Not all information has been migrated from the old site, and much is still pending. We will continue to work with both future content and functionality. Among other things, we will make it easier for those with professional queries to find relevant information through the website. We have already put in place the option to search for areas of expertise among our employees.

We will also work to provide better museum experiences through the website itself, by developing how we provide online dissemination. We possess a treasure trove of knowledge that we wish to highlight and share, and much more of this will happen online.

Navigating the site

If you are unable to find what you’re looking for by scrolling down the page, please click on the tree dashes in the top right-hand corner to bring up an overview. You may also use the search function in the menu, or ask us for help!

Local developer

Following an invitation to tender in the autumn of 2021, Førde-based Mediebruket was hired to design and develop the new website. They have helped us through a process that started with mapping out the needs of the various user groups, and then developing the site on the basis of these findings. The site is also based on our new visual profile, launched on February 2nd 2022. Each museum now has its own logo, highlighting their individual identity as well as linking them visually to the other museums under the MISF umbrella.

Henning A. Hellebust
Communication consultant