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About the exhibition

Bjørn Venø wishes to be like his home island of Venøy, by the ferocious sea in Stadtlandet. For him, the island gives power to people, so they can grow and thrive. Nature's power is tangible for Bjørn Venø. With his art, he wants to provide the great experience that nature can give you.

The place is right and important for Venø. Sogn og Fjordane is experiencing that several artists are moving from the place they were born. The few who choose to stay can, according to Venø, meet a generous commitment to their art in their local environment.

At the same time, Venø is afraid that art does not mean enough to many people. How can art mean anything, when we are used to just being consumers? Venø believes that the product piles up and shadows the sunlight, which feeds the human mind. The art of Venø is meant to be the source of energy that allows new thoughts to be sown, bloom and grow into new ideas and insights.

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About the artist

Bjørn Venø (born 1979, lives and works on Venøy in Stad municipality) is an artist who works with photography, video, performance art, writing, drawing and music. Failure, identity, gender and metaphysics are explored using free association, intuition and characteristics of the fool. Venø has a master's in photography from the Royal College of Art in London. His work is in the museum archives of the Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, and the Museum Palazzo Riso, Palermo, Italy.

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20. January 2023 — 16. April 2023


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