Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum

Kay Arne Kirkebø

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Stad Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum

About the exhibition

Kay Arne Kirkebø’s (Førde, 1979) new exhibition at the Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum will for the first time show a combination of pencil and felt-tip drawings. You will also experience a new animated work and experimental sculptural drawing.  

The pencil and marker drawings show a deep world, with industry, concrete and human figures. Kirkebø’s cities float with labyrinthine rooms. The artist brings life to a world on the drawing board, where the city and urban life dominate. References to architecture that celebrates concrete as material, automation and computers are kneaded together into a futuristic urban landscape.  

Kirkebø's animation work is also related to architecture. Here he considers how a line can create new spaces and formations. The borderland between two and three dimensions is constantly being challenged with the line. In the same way as in his spatial drawings, the slow drawing process is cultivated. Kirkebø's analog process stands in contrast to the machines he depicts.   

In his pencil drawings, Kirkebø depicts the everyday life of his youth. 90s fashion, computers and music influence the drawn people. Cities with urban life dominate here for better or for worse. The clean lines must give way to subtly strange everyday scenes.

Norwegian sound. Video and cut: Silje Sigurdsen/ Reposted with permission.
About the artist

In 2014, Kay Arne Kirkebø (Førde, 1979) recieved his master's degree from the Bergen Academy of the Arts. He has been exhibited at the Tegnerforbundet in Oslo and Kunstgarasjen in Bergen. In 2020, Kirkebø was the resident artist at the Bodø Biennale for visual art and dance. His works have been exhibited in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the USA and China. The artist is represented by works in the collections of Oslo municipality and the Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum.