Millstone Park

Experience the Hyllestad Millstone Park

Visit the Millstone Park and discover the history of these life-giving stones which helped put food on the table. Here you can learn and experience for yourself how Hyllestad stone masons worked for hundreds of years.

The Millstone Park in Hyllestad lets you discover one of Norway’s first major industries. Here, at the mouth of Sognefjorden, we find the special garnet shimmer-slate rock, which was perfect for making millstones. Rock was extracted here as early as the 700s.

These life-giving stones were carved from the Hyllestad mountains and shipped as far as Sweden and Germany. Without a millstone, it was impossible to grind the grain needed to put food on the table. Hyllestad therefore played a major part in trade and exports throughout the Viking Age and Middle Ages.

The park itself is open year-round. Here you can follow the stone mason path through our quarry. You can discover traces of the millstone industry, learn more about life as a stone mason, and about Hyllestad’s place in the world.

The park is staffed throughout the summer season, from mid-June to mid-August. We offer tours and a number of enjoyable activities for the whole family. How about trying a hand-grinder and making your own millstone bread? Or making your own soapstone jewellery? Or perhaps you’d like to try hunting with a bow and arrow? You can also relax and enjoy some coffee and snacks in historical surroundings.