Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism

Destination Balestrand

Stad 1st. floor in the main building.

Few municipalities in this country other than Balestrand have had tourism as their main industry for over 100 years. The village has not seen major industrialisation or other destructive regulatory measures, but has rather experienced gentle growth and development from the birth of tourism until today.

The exhibition has four screens showing film footage from the garden party arranged by Professor Hans Dahl in honour of Emperor Wilhelm II and his crew, from when the Fridtjof Statue was handed over from the emperor to King Håkon 7 in 1913. It also provides a presentation of the St. Olafs Church and the story of the priest’s daughter, Margaret Sophie Green Kvikne, to whom the church is dedicated. 

Photo: Asbjørn Feten, Norsk Reiselivsmuseum