Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism

Life on The Quay

Stad Kaihuset

In the attachment to the quay side office, the old stable for livestock, you will find the exhibition «Life on the quay».

Around the quay side, there developed a community featuring a post office, ships expedition, a bakery and hairdresser. During the last hundred years the quay side has developed into a social and commercial meeting place for the residents of Balestrand and it’s visitors.

Although this exhibition is specifically about Balestrand, the story has parallels to all small villages along the long coastline of Norway.

In the 170 years or so, boat traffic has undergone a rapid development. The boat trip between Bergen and Balestrand has gone from 21 hours to 4,5 hours!

Transporting cattle by steam boat.
DS Fanaraaken and DS Svanøy by the quay.