Samling av bygningar som ligg ved sjøen, omkransa av steinete strender, skog og grøn vegetasjon. Låge fjellknausar i bakgrunnen.

Vågsberget old trading post and inn

A well-preserved trading post and guest house which tells the story of enormous wealth, great need and good trade.

A well preserved inn and trading post that tells a story of enormous wealth, crushing hardship and clever trading.

Vågsberget remains one of the country’s best most well preserved inns and trading posts. Its roots og all the way back to the 1600s, sitting at a great seaside location. It has seven protected heritage buildings, most of them built in the early 1800s. The general store and main building are open to the public with guided tours. In addition, we have a storehouse, boathouse, servant quarters and guest lodgings. The old administration building now has a reception, a gift shop and a nice café with a modern kitchen.

We are open from mid-June to mid-August during the summer season. We offer guided tours through the splendid main building with its elaborate furniture, wallpaper, carvings and ornaments. The tour continues through the ample general store, which provided necessary goods to local farmers and fishermen.

The café in the old administration building retains an aura of history. Here we offer simple food and drinks, as well as a small but inviting gift shop.

The inn and trading post is surrounded by a park area, easily accessible from both land and sea. The shallow shoreline, ideal for the old boat types, now serves as a playground for young explorers.

During the off-season, Vågsberget remains a popular venue for festivities and celebrations. With a modern kitchen, evocative rooms and a beautiful outdoor area, it provides a wonderful setting for your social gatherings.

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