Vågsberget Main Building

Stad Vågsberget

This is where the owners of the trading post lived and received their guests. The house is an elegant representation building that highlighted the difference in standing between the owners and the local community. Several men and women have managed a successful trading and guesthouse business here through the years.

The house dates from around 1800, and was built according to Bergen architectural ideals. You will find examples of several different styles both outside and inside. Many of the original interior surfaces have been preserved. During the summer season, you can join our guided tour through the building and learn more about the styles, the people who lived here and what the house has been used for after the trading post era ended.  

Kjøkkenbord plassert ved vindauget i eit gamalt våningshus. Bordet er dekka med rutete duk og kjøkkenreiskap. TIl høgre står det ein gamal trestol.
Details from the main house. Photo: Thomas Bickhardt/Bickfoto.