Museums of Sogn og Fjordane Museums of Sogn and Fjordane
Jente ber bytter over nakken, mor og vetlebror i bakgrunn.

Enrich your way with us

Choose between art, outdoor museums, coastal heritage, industry from the Viking Age, tourism. Twelve museums among fjords and mountains. Enrich your way with us.

We say that fresh knowledge and experiences enrich us. At twelve different museums among fjords and mountains, you can gain new insight into human life, both now and historically. Stop by us on your journey, and enrich your way with us!

You grab the cold 18th century wrought iron door handle. This is how the low door in front of you has been opened for over 300 years. The very first person to walked through it – how was she dressed? Perhaps you would rather sit in a quiet room and let dancing colours pour from a canvas into your soul, kneading your thoughts. Or maybe you want to challenge your creativity and workmanship in a quarry.

Our skilled researchers, craftsmen, curators, hosts and educators work throughout the year to give you these many enriching experiences. Most of our museums also have a gift shop and a café offering local pastries. 

You are all very welcome!

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