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Attåt - Exhibition

Stad Nordfjord Folkemuseum

Welcome to Nordfjord Folkemuseum's newest exhibition, Attåt.

The word Attåt is from the norwegian word attåtnæring, which means additional trades.

Where the open-air museum shows the pre-industrial farming community and life on the farm, this exhibition will focus on a selection of all the different industries that were in Nordfjord, and how they have helped to develop the region.

Most people from Nordfjord hail from generations of smallholders who, in order to secure sufficient income, had to take up an additional trade. Many men left the village during the winter season to do such work, while the women were running the farms.

For a long time, fishing was the most important additional trade in many Nordfjord villages. Rural crafts - carpentry and boat building, as well as wood-, metal- and leatherworking - were also important sources of income. Typical women's trades were spinning, weaving and sewing.

Over time, several additional trades developed into main trades. There were also farmers who started working for the public or private sector instead of doing rural crafts or fishing.

The picture was taken from "Jektehola" at the Exercise Field with the farm Osnes in the background. Care and washing of military clothing was a typical female occupation. Eid 1895 – 1920. Photo: Isak Isaksen Hellebust, Fylkesarkivet i Vestland

The exhibition will give you an insight into various men's and women's industries. Life on the farm was hard, and when the men left to find work other places, the women were left to run the farm and also have work nearby the farm. Was there a difference in the work between women and men?

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