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Nordfjord Folkemuseum

"Boats and Life in the Blue Depths" – Photo exhibition

16. June - 31. August
Nordfjord Museum of Cultural History

We are used to observing life in the fjord from the top down, but what happens when you put a camera under water? Photographer Atle Ove Martinussen has tackled this subject matter for over 20 years, and his work has been shown at countless exhibitions around the country. And now it’s Sandane’s turn.

"Boats and Life in the Blue Depths"

Photo exhibition in Frislidlada at Nordfjord Museum of Cultural History.

“Boats and Life in the Blue Depths” is an exhibition that highlights the magnificent flurry of life found beneath the ocean surface. The title is inspired by the poem “The Ocean” by Olav H Hauge. Here, visitors can journey below the surface of Norwegian and international fjords and oceans.

Underwater photography at Hestenesøyra

Last winter, Martinussen photographed Nordfjord faering boats from the bottom of the fjord at Hestenesøyra. The Nordfjord Faering Society was kind enough to provide both boats and manpower, rowing patiently back and forth while Martinussen worked the camera.

In the exhibition you can see both Nordfjord faerings and oselvar boats – traditional clinker-built boats originating from outer Hordaland, more specifically Bjørnefjorden and Lysefjorden. You will also find pictures of ocean life, from both cold and warmer waters.

Versatile photographer

Many years as an underwater photographer has allowed Atle Ove Martinussen to travel the world and capture these lives through the camera lens. Martinussen has previously managed the Hordaland Museum Centre, and now serves as director of the Western Norwegian Cultural Academy, which aims to preserve, disseminate and offer courses and educational work on Western Norwegian cultural heritage. His work has previously been exhibited at a number of galleries and museums around the country, and some of it can be seen at the Norwegian Maritime Museum in Oslo – both in the exhibition "Explore the Ocean" which opened in 2021, and on the walls of the newly opened Boat Hall.

Exhibition opening 16 June at 19.00

The exhibition has been planned for a year, but due to the pandemic it had to be postponed, and we look forward to finally sharing it with the public! You will see many works that have been shown previously, but a number of new images have also been added for the occasion. Martinussen places great emphasis on colour, diagonals and composition, which gives the images an artistic touch.

Martinussen will be present at the opening to guide visitors through the exhibition. It will also be possible to purchase copies of the images on display. The exhibition will remain open throughout the summer until September, and is part of all the exciting things one can experience at the Nordfjord Museum of Cultural History this summer season. The opening will feature musical contributions by Trine Anette Fostervold and Storm Vålbekk Gimmestad.

For further information, please contact the museum or photographer Atle Ove Martinussen (+47 90 36 89 90 /

Photo: Atle Ove Martinussen

Foto: Atle Ove Martinussen