Nordfjord Museum of Cultural History


Object collection

The museum collection contains around 25 000 objects. Together, they tell us about work and daily life in Nordfjord from the 1600s until today.

The collection contains objects linked to homes and domestic life, agriculture, fjords, craftsmanship and handicraft. We have national costumes, tapestry, wedding accessories, weapons, tools and electrical devices. Most of the collection is from the 1700s and 1800s, but we also have objects from modern times.

Some of the objects are part of regular or temporary exhibitions, and the rest is stored in climate controlled repositories.

Rund hatt i skinn, produsert på 1800-talet.

Educational visits

Nordfjord Museum of Cultural History has a stated goal of making all objects available to the public. Students, researchers and private individuals may request to view or study items currently in storage.

The following guidelines are in place:

  • The request must be submitted with the conservator well in advance, establishing the purpose of the visit.

  • You may use to identify the objects you wish to view. Each object has a unique number, which makes it easier for us to locate and retrieve it.

  • Not all objects are available, even if they remain listed in the database. They might currently be part of an exhibition, under restoration or on loan to other museums.


Ingrid Berger

Tlf:  48 26 78 05


When requesting loans or seeking permission to make copies of any museum objects, a written application must be submitted to:

Nordfjord Folkemuseum
v/ Avdelingsdirektør
Anne Kristin Moe
Gota 16
6823 Sandane

E-mail: annmoe@misf.noUtlån