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Art in the thousand homes – Upstairs

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Art in the thousand homes – Upstairs

The exhibition "Art in the thousand homes" describes Alt Går Bra's journey of discovery through the unique history of the Stranda paintings. In the High Hall, over 100 submitted Stranda paintings from the public are now hanging, and the first part of the exhibition is growing continuously. Here, the artist duo examines, among other things, what is considered art and what lies in the concept of artistic quality.

Hundre strandamåleri på veggen i Høgsalen (utstillingssal i museets første etasje).
From "Art in the thousand Homes – Step in!", part one of the exhibition "Art in the thousand homes". Here, borrowed Stranda paintings from the public hang on the walls in the High Hall.

In part two, "Upstairs", Alt Går Bra reflects on what an exhibition could be. By weaving together art and research, in harmony with collected source material, Alt Går Bra explores and challenges the exhibition format. In "Upstairs", the audience will see Alt Går Bra's own artworks, installations based on the collected material about the Stranda paintings, and reflections on the production of the Stranda painters.

Kunstnar Agnes Nedregård frå Alt Går Bra held opp eit kunstverk i studioet deira i Bergen.
From Alt Går Bra Lokale, the art collective's studio and exhibition space in Bergen.

In the post-war period, the idyllic, naive, or as some would argue, realistic images of the Stranda painters went viral. The work of the Stranda painters became a contribution to shaping our shared worldview. An attempt to depict a picture of a present and a future that is to come. - Alt Går Bra

The Stranda painters reflected the idea of the good life for their fellow citizens. In response to the rather bleak worldview of contemporary times, Alt Går Bra looks back at this cultural phenomenon from the district. Through the production and national dissemination of hundreds of thousands of paintings, the Stranda painters became a significant contributor to the formation of a collective view of both the present and the future. "Upstairs", in its own way, is a repetition of the Stranda painters' movement, an invitation to renew a format, create new imaginations, and make them our own.

Kunstverk under produksjon, eit flapskilt som visar tal.
Part of the art installation "Overtak" under production. It consists of, among other things, old-fashioned information boards from airports and train stations.
About Alt Går Bra

Alt Går Bra is an art collective based in Bergen and Paris. Their work has been exhibited, among other places, in the National Museum, Kode, Victoria and Albert Museum, Palais de Tokyo, University of Westminster. AGB's works are represented in the permanent art collections of the National Museum, Kode, and KORO. In 2022, they were awarded the Subjekt Prize as Artist of the Year.

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