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Stad Sunnfjord museum

In our open-air museum, you will find 32 historical buildings, including a bipartitioned farmstead, a cotter homestead and a shieling. Three of the buildings are from the original Movika cotter homestead. The remaining buildings have been relocated here from inner Sunnfjord villages. They are from the 1500s and all the way up to the 1900s. Parts of the area are managed as a traditional cultural landscape.

The area remains open to the public all-year round, but we encourage visitors to join a guided tour to learn more about the buildings and the history of Sunnfjord. 

Farmhouses on the original tennant farm at the museum

Individual tours of the open-air museum and historical buildings

Four of the buildings are furnished. Between June and October we offer tours of the buildings and the museum area. All visitors are offered an individual tour. Our guides will provide insight into life in the Sunnfjord villages, both indoors and outdoors, from early times until around the 1900s. Depending on your interest the tour is about 45 -60 minutes. The last tour is one hour before closing time.

No barbeque grills or open flames on the premises

Barbeque grilling or any other use of open flames is not permitted on museum grounds. Please take care and help protect our valuable museum buildings.

Photo: The Open Air Museum. Line Hårklau/Sunnfjord utvikling.