Sunnfjord Museum Sunnfjord Museum
Guided tour

An individual tour is always included in the ticket. Feel free to contact us in advance for groups larger than 10 people.

In a tour with us, you get to hear about the museum and what life was like in the Sunnfjord villages in the 19th century. We enter into several of the furnished antiquarian houses, and you get, among other things, to learn about building customs, dress and food traditions, folk beliefs, and life and living in a time span until about 1900. Usually a tour takes approx. 45 minutes. We also offer guided tours in English.

The tours are set up based on the individual's interests, age and time. Our guided tours are therefore well suited to both those who are above average interested, a little interested, and children and young people. On selected dates in the summer season, we have family days with guided tours adapted for children and families.

You may also request a tour of our exhibition on the 2nd floor. If you are particularly interested in a topic, contact us for an offer of a tailor-made arrangement.

Omvisar viser fram tresleiv til publikum i √ėstenstadstova.
Photo: Line Hårklau/Sunnfjord utvikling