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Mostien is a walking trail suitable for both children and adults. Along the designated route you’ll find cultural heritage sites and signs explaining the local natural and cultural history of inner Sunnfjord, including shielings and mountain farms, sawmills, vegetation, hunting and trapping. Parts of the trail follow the Trondheim Postal Route. At various locations you may enjoy views of Movatnet, the Jølstra River, and the 90 meter high Huldefossen waterfall.

The trail begins at the Sunnfjord Museum parking area and follows a clearly marked path. From the parking area, the trail follows the Trondheim Postal Route, before turning into the woods and up towards the museum shieling. From there, it runs parallel to Movatnet towards the Mo residential area and the agricultural school. The trail to Huldefossen crosses a bridge before following the Jølstra River. From the agricultural school, you can follow the same route back to Sunnfjord Museum. The trail is around 3.5 km long, and takes 45-60 minutes each way.

We are in the process of upgrading Mostien.

Kart over Mostien som går frå Sunnfjord museum til Mo jordbruksskule. Stien er markert med raude prikkar.
Map of the trail.