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Herb garden

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In the early 90s, two people were sitting by the Movika waterfront. “What am I supposed to do with that scree back there?” Museum Director Ludvig Søgnen wondered. “Make an herb garden”, Randi Lange answered. And that’s how we got our garden. 

The herb garden is an important part of our open-air museum, both in a cultural history perspective, and for the senses.

These plants are living bearers of old traditions. The herbs you find here were useful for seasoning, medicinal use, colouring and many other things pertaining to people’s daily lives. They have all been used here in Sunnfjord, many of them right up to the present day. Further information about the different herbs is available in the garden throughout the summer season.

Urtehagen. Foto: Nina R. Brendsdal/Sunnfjord museum

Toppfoto: Urtehagen, Foto: Nina Renate Brendsdal/Sunnfjord Museum